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Using this well-known toy Trademark, the retail sales of the PLAYMOBIL Licensed Products approached DM 300 millions...

The idea for a Licensing program initiated and put in place by MARLEX in the early 1990's, included a large range of high quality products : home textiles, clothing and accessories, bathrobes, bibs, bathing suits, bags, shoes, stockings, umbrellas, melamine eating sets, porcelain, glassware, cutlery, toiletries, school items, playing tents, etc...

Inspired by the licensing program, PLAYMOBIL invested nearly US $ 100 million to create 6 children's theme parks located in Europe and USA, with special boutiques to sell the licensed products. In 2004, PLAYMOBIL had 10 own subsidiary companies along with world-wide product distribution, with about 2500 employees and sales of 360 million Euros.

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PLAYMOBIL Licensed Products Boutique in one of their theme parks

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