DELAMONICA, French artist born in Lille (France) in 1950, carries us happily and playfully through a myriad of stories inspired from legends, myths, tales and biblical accounts.

His huge paintings lend themselves to lavish jigsaw puzzles with intricate detail, archetypes, characters and animals from diverse pictorial traditions. 
The viewer is enchanted by their dream-like, colorful poetry and wanders along with the artist through the meanders of faith and life's mysteries, recollecting childhood stories. We can listen with joy to the celestial music and rhythms emerging from the artist's pictorial whims.

Like a storyteller, DELAMONICA creates fairy tale scenes filled with timeless characters. Each canvas is a maze of signs which our straying, keen eye discovers around and behind curve and spiral-like patterns.

Through the magical overlapping of models and the interaction between colors and materials, many silhouetted, moving shapes emerge and retreat, like ghosts in a fleeting dream.

Such are the unfathomable mysteries of creation and imagination, and of vaporous memories portrayed through DELAMONICA's paintbrush, that this artist can truly be looked upon as a conjuror.

DELAMONICA is an accomplished artist with a long experience of all traditional techniques, styles and movements: From advertising, pictorial disciplines, to cubic, abstract art, to "Chagallism" and fauvism - the latter providing him with the richest source of inspiration - he forged his way to his very own unique style.

Although DELAMONICA's paintings are mainly exhibited in France, particularly in prestigious Parisian art galleries in the proximity of the Louvre, his work is so universal, so colorful and magical, that his paintings are regularly acquired by connoisseurs the world over.


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