The avant-garde TECTUM Publishers, Belgium ( recently celebrated their twelfth year of publishing excellence. The year marked a significant milestone for TECTUM, producing thought-provoking illustrated books on a vast range of topics.

With their penchant for the extraordinary, they continued to explore "today’s world" and its people, always on the lookout for cutting-edge ideas and imaginative views that could be turned into compelling new titles. Their popular “ Coffee Table ” format books have been particularly successful.

In October of 2011, TECTUM signed a licensing contract with MARLEX to develop an original Thierry Poncelet Coffee Table book, titled “ OH MY DOG ”. It contained 144 pages presented in a creative contemporary fashion as a sort of unexpected melting pot, mixing different styles and contexts. The illustrations were accompanied by hilarious narratives and quotations, some of them interacting with the artist Thierry Poncelet himself.

The book was introduced in April 2012 in three languages: English, French and Dutch. TECTUM sought co-editors for other languages and also a US partner.
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