ERCOLANO, Sorrento, Italy ( established In the 1940’s, a small workshop where the family taught their children the love of traditional handicraft work. After attending Art School, their sons decided to expand the workshop into a factory to produce higher volume of products.

The present family management took over the business in the 1990’s and continued to use traditional craftsmanship combining the inlaid woodwork techniques with modern exclusive licensed Art and since then, they have been producing a unique quality of music boxes, applying contemporary paintings on their lids. The printed lids are glazed with their specific technique to enhance the artworks and providing a highly luxurious finish to the products.

Throughout the world, these artistic music boxes have been a continuous commercial success.

ERCOLANO has opened their own subsidiary company in the USA, selling their music boxes to high-end department stores and specialty gift shops all around the US.

In 2011, ERCOLANO signed a licensing contract with MARLEX to develop a range of music boxes using DELAMONICA’s artworks as decor. An initial range of 8 music boxes has been produced in different sizes and background colors and the initial sales results are very positive.

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